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Like Charles, I was also a Weiss subscriber with a "Lifetime" membership to Larry Edelson's Supercycle Trader. After Larry died, Weiss Research tried to continue the service, but it was pretty lame. So apparently they sold their "lifetimers" out to Banyan Hill. Weiss announced this in gushing hyperbolic emails about how great Chad Shoop was blah blah blah. After a year of Chad's mediocre advice, Banyan Hill has converted what Martin Weiss claimed to be a transferred lifetime membership into a one year membership that has JUST EXPIRED. (I predicted this in a BBB complaint). They have now cut me off saying they know nothing about the Weiss agreement. CONCLUSION: Neither Weiss Research nor Banyan Hill can be trusted. They are in the business of promoting fluff and tooling people around when they complain. Crooks, plain and simple. I post this to commiserate with the other folks who been hosed by this Weiss-to-Banyan handoff, but also to try to help any other poor fools like me who occasionally get seduced into a den of snakes. Run like hell from both these marketing firms (well, they fancy themselves as investment advisors, but they work 100X harder promoting their expensive services than in doing research that might make you money.) It is clear that in their eyes, you are just a juicy wallet waiting to be picked clean. The kindest thing one can say about both Weiss Research and Banyan Hill Publishing is that they are in the business of selling weak research/investment advice all dressed up and supremely hyped. The pig is wearing lipstick, but it is, after all, still a pig. Avoid these people like the plague.

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