I received a phone call this morning (Thurs, 1/4/18) from a very professional woman (American accent) from 1-855-859-0047, who said she was calling from Ascension Point and asked to speak with the person who was kin to the late (named my father). She asked for my full name. I gave her only my first name. She gave her condolences on his passing (passed ~ 7 months ago), and asked for my last name. I refused. She said they had to be sure they were speaking to the right person, so I told her I was his daughter. She continued to ask for my last name, eventually saying they were a collection agency and this was for an outstanding bill. I laughed and told her that was "BS" (language I rarely use, but felt warranted for a scammer), and that they were trying to steal money.I asked why they had not contacted (my father's name 's wife) and she said they had very good researchers and had been able to find my name and my phone number in a search. Okay...well EVERYONE can find that information on the web. Including scammers. She eventually said goodbye and hung up. I immediately called my mother who told me that just days after my father's death she had started receiving phone calls from scammers regarding "outstanding bills." My father was extremely responsible for his finances, always making sure to pay before due dates and in full. And he kept very accurate records, as well as informed my mother of everything financial. If this company IS legit, they need to get to work with Congress to create a law regarding spoofing and scamming. But, right now, I'm thinking they're behind this.

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