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Ascensionpoint Recovery Services is a company in finance with 10 employees. Ascensionpoint Recovery Services's reputation score is 1%, which is bad.

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These people are scammers. Do not send them money. Do not give them any personal info about yourself or anyone you know. Block all calls.

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I am handling an estate and this company will not allow me to pay a credit card bill without talking to the attorney that wrote the trust, even though the attorney is not handling anything of the esta... Read more

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The said they will boil my children's pet rabbit if we don't give them what they want.

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They’ve called me & my husband, apprently my husband is dead & they are trying to collect on him; my husband is alive & even after informing them of this they sent us a letter & keep calling. What the hell?

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They called my parents asking for the person in charge of my husbands "late" grandfather's affairs... his grandpa is very much alive! As is his grandma, dad, mother, aunts & sister.... Read more

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Awsome company they really work with you

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Bottom feeders trying to make money off of the dead and their grieving families. We ran a federal credit report, we paid ALL his debt. They are scammers and liars.

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They totally suck. Won’t stop calling even when asked to stop. There is no estate for the deceased so go the f**k away.

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I received a phone call this morning (Thurs, 1/4/18) from a very professional woman (American accent) from 1-855-859-0047, who said she was calling from Ascension Point and asked to speak with the per... Read more

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Scam, they tried to get us to pay what they said was an unpaid bill of my deceased father. the only problem was that my father had no unpaid debts. Everything he had was paid in full and he paid cash for everything.

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This company called me after my husband passed away in 2014, saying that he owed money to Citibank. Totally bogus!
I just received a call from them today about my brother in law, who recently passed.... Read more

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Why did my family get a letter saying my dad "owed" money!?! My dad was anal about his finanaces and ALWAYS paid in FULL whatever credit charges he had even eay befote its due date. SCAM!

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It has been over 7 months since I paid a debt my deceased father owed. Our courthouse has never received a release letter from them so we can close my fathers succession. They are rude and very unprof... Read more

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Harassing me and my family with calls and letters when I refused to give them any information they were requesting. My father died a debt free man - no one owes him and he owes no one. If it continues I will press charges .... I wonder if they would call me to collect that debt?

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Either they are scammers or there are people posing as from this company. The phone number was accurate though. Just read the volume of people who have been scammed on Phone Number Lookup. How can ... Read more

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Suite 200, Coon Rapids, 55433, Minnesota, US


[email protected]

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Affiliated Companies: Ascension Point Government Contract Services


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Feinberg v. Ascensionpoint Recovery Services, LLC

Parties, docket activity and news coverage of federal case Feinberg v.

Ascensionpoint Recovery Services, LLC, case number 1:11-cv-04955, from New

York ...

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Website check registration date: Oct 9, 2008 - more than 3 years ago

Domain registrant: Ascension Point

Organization: AscensionPoint Recovery Services

Address: Suite 200, Coon Rapids, 55433, Minnesota, US

Phone number: +1.7632354050

E-mail: [email protected]

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