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Ancora Financial Llc is a privately held company in insurance with 11-50 employees founded in 2016. Ancora Financial Llc's reputation score is 1%, which is bad.

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FFG or Afortis and now they call themselves Ancora? Come on guys, why so many name changes?

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they are doing a scam

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How can this company be just a year or so old and some sales reps say they have worked with them for 14 years? Is this part of the Federal Financial Group that promised appointments for agents and tol... Read more

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The negative comments here about Ancora are coming from disgruntled employees who were not motivated enough to put in the work and the time needed to be successful. The $297. they are referring to is ... Read more

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This company called my job and when they couldn't speak to my manager they asked if I was employed with the company. When I replied that I was, the caller continued with my age group and my inco... Read more

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Scumbags won't quit calling me!

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This is a wonderful company with agents that really care about my well being. This website is strange. I asked my rep about what it has to say and he made some good comments:
1 - A broker has to, by l... Read more

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I've worked with Ancora Financial for a few years now. I love them.

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This company has done work for me in the past, i did not have any problems, In fact they went above and beyond to help me out! surprised to see any negative scores!

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This company has done a great job for me.

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This is a scam, they got $297 out of my bank account. Don't give out you Bank info. I will put these crooks out of business.....

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Editorial review

Is Ancora Financial Anchored?

Please may we cover a little something before we tell you our story about Ancora. We need to get something across to you that is of parlous importance but is very rarely given the neon lights it deserves. When you buy a bunch of apples from the supermarket, have you ever seen the producer insert a disclaimer something along the lines of “Eat at your own risk or all worms found in your apple was not placed by us but was inserted into the product by nature? There’s no such thing, right?

So how comes whenever we encounter financial products, there’s always a disclaimer such as like that on Ancora’s website and every other financial organization as it’s stipulated by law. However, have you ever wondered why? Well, you should as it’s there for a reason. It covers the ‘company’ not ‘you’, in case everything goes belly up for you. Strange, it doesn’t apply to apples.

Ancora is Italian for anchored, so here’s what they offer:

  • Encourage to pay off high-interest debts
  • Protection against loss of income or family assets
  • Teach you how to live on 90% of your take home pay
  • Aim to retain a minimum of 3-6 months’ salary for emergencies
  • Periodically track earnings and expenditure on your financial portfolio
  • Offer advice to switch from low-interest savings to better performing saving options
  • Assist you in managing your expenses by increasing the cash flow through budgeting

Develop an emergency plan that is available always and must be separate from the rest

Ancora also offers simple, good quality tips to work that cash in your favour

  • Raise insurance deductibles
  • Earn tax benefits from a home-based business
  • Start by building a long term financial plan and stay ahead of inflation
  • Tax and estate planning is fundamental to take advantage of incentives
  • Cancel life insurance on all financial or credit card debts, encapsulate it into one product
  • Wherever possible minimize your taxes when you are alive and passed on from our planet
  • Options to earn additional income, 2nd career option or part-time work to rein in tax benefits
  • Get rid of Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) when equity reaches 20% of the value of your home

Financial data and customer testimonials

Afraid, we need more than just good sound financial advice and at present we are unable to verify their accounting and customer testimonials. Thus, we will surely let you know as soon as we have received more up to date information. In the meantime, Ancora’s investment risk disclaimer goes something like this and of course it’s no different to millions of other financial services companies. However, we would like you to pause and think as this disclaimer is there for a reason and it does not only apply to Ancora, but to you personally. It’s importante, senor and senoritas.

We quote from Ancora’s website:

1. Information contained herein should not be construed as legal or tax advice and is intended for illustrative purposes only. All charts, graphs, estimates and projections are based upon hypothetical situations, are not representative of any particular financial condition and are not intended to represent a likely or guaranteed return or outcome for any prospective customer.

2. The Ancora Financial Needs Analysis is based upon source information believed to be accurate. It is an analysis to determine appropriate individual financial needs and does not constitute a solicitation for the purchase or sale of any specific financial product or service.’

Always rely on a qualified independent financial agent that has a solid historical track history, not your friends, family or Joe at the pub. It’s your money, your life and it is ‘you’ that needs to take charge, no one else. To be perfectly frank, most of the advice offered by Ancora are predominantly common sense. So, here’s our advice why not save the commission that Ancora charges and try doing it yourself and if you are struggling, come back to this page to check if we’ve updated it with actual customer testimonials.

Mala Papachan

Ancora Financial Llc Contact Details

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Incorporation Date
30 December 2015

[email protected]

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Company Profile

Privately Held

10808 South River Parkway Suite 3078, South Jordan, Utah 84095 United States


Company Size
11-50 employees



, customer service
, customer service
, Director Administrativo
, Senior Financial Planner, Benefit Consultant and Operations Manager at Key Insurance Agency, Inc. of Hinsdale
, Regional Manager at Ancora Financial
, District Coordinator/Agent Sacramento CA at Federal Financial Group

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Ancora Group Inc. v. Ancora Financial LLC :: Ohio Northern District ...

Dec 26, 2016 ... Ancora Group Inc. v. Ancora Financial LLC, Case No. 1:16-cv-01324 in the Ohio Northern District Court.

Ancora Group Inc. v. Ancora Financial LLC (1:16-cv-01324), Ohio ...

Jun 1, 2016 ... Ancora Group Inc. v. Ancora Financial LLC (1:16-cv-01324), Ohio Northern District Court, Filed: 06/01/2016 - PacerMonitor Mobile Federal and ...

Ancora Group Inc. v. Ancora Financial LLC :: Justia Dockets & Filings

Jun 1, 2016 ... Ancora Group Inc. v. Ancora Financial LLC. Plaintiff: Ancora Group Inc. Defendant: Ancora Financial LLC. Case Number: 1:2016cv01324.

Ancora Group Inc. v. Ancora Financial LLC

Parties, docket activity and news coverage of federal case Ancora Group Inc. v. Ancora Financial LLC, case number 1:16-cv-01324, from Ohio Northern Court.

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