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I have worked with this company that provides leads and sales training for many years. They are not perfect, but very close to it statistically. There are glitches once in a while as mentioned in some other comments, but I have had a great experience with them for a long time with very few exceptions and have done very well with the very few clients and agents/advisors that have had a misunderstanding up front. For agents and advisors they have a lead program that requires a reimbursable fee upfront so people have skin in the game so agents/advisors don't just give up. The leads are very expensive for the company to produce and they will make mistakes once in a while as they push to keep costs down, but it is literally less than 1% of 1% of the time and they go above and beyond to correct those mistakes. The company reimburses the fee as soon as agents/advisors meet the simple requirements. They give incentives to work with your own market, but it's not mandatory so several of the negative comments are not the whole story. As for telemarketing calls, most people don't like them, but it is still an effective way to get in front of people that need what is offered. They offer incentives for potential clients just to listen for a few minutes with no obligation to buy anything. 99.99% all of the people I have met with over the years have been pleasantly surprised at what I can actually do for them and their financial future, even if there was nothing I could help them with at the time. If you have been bothered by a telemarketer or have had a poor experience as an agent/advisor, even though I don't represent the company as a whole, I offer my apology and extend an invite to contact me with any questions about my own experience as a client and/or agent/advisor or to be pointed in the right direction to get any issues resolved. We want to do the right thing, all the time and strive to do so.

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