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Afortus is Ancora is FFG LLC.....a company run and owned by Rick Dixon....one of the greatest con-men I have ever had the misfortune to run into. Over 80% of their sales force has left since 2015 and over half of their Manger Force has left as well....because all the promises of employee ownership and a payout at the sale( which was pushed out 7 years and never occurred) has left people with no time left to recover from the lies. People with debilitating conditions and advanced age are kept from having their hard work rewarded in accordance with the promises from Rick Dixon. Any positive comments you read here are from people who have nowhere else to go or are in Rick Dixons pocket. Unfortunately, having been in the company almost since the beginning, I know all the players, and am learning almost daily from managers and agents across the country how badly we all have been taken. Rick, do the right thing....pay what you owe, settle up and end this before it is to late.

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