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10808 S River Front Parkway, South Jordan, 84095, Utah, US


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Domain registrant: Afortus Support

Organization: Afortus Financial

Address: 10808 S River Front Parkway, South Jordan, 84095, Utah, US

Phone number: +1.8777560550

E-mail: [email protected]

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Visitor comments about AFORTUS FINANCIAL

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They are a typical bottomfeeder telemarketing scum company that never stops calling, no matter how many times you ask to be placed on their do not call list. They are a US based company and needs to be reported to the FCC for every do-not-call violation they commit. It is a scam company, stay away!!!

on commented

I have worked with this company that provides leads and sales training for many years. They are not perfect, but very close to it statistically. There are glitches once in a while as mentioned in some other comments, but I have had a great experience with them for a long time with very few exceptions and have done very well with the very few clients and agents/advisors that have had a misunderstanding up front. For agents and advisors they have a lead program that requires a reimbursable fee upfront so people have skin in the game so agents/advisors don't just give up. The leads are very expensive for the company to produce and they will make mistakes once in a while as they push to keep costs down, but it is literally less than 1% of 1% of the time and they go above and beyond to correct those mistakes. The company reimburses the fee as soon as agents/advisors meet the simple requirements. They give incentives to work with your own market, but it's not mandatory so several of the negative comments are not the whole story. As for telemarketing calls, most people don't like them, but it is still an effective way to get in front of people that need what is offered. They offer incentives for potential clients just to listen for a few minutes with no obligation to buy anything. 99.99% all of the people I have met with over the years have been pleasantly surprised at what I can actually do for them and their financial future, even if there was nothing I could help them with at the time. If you have been bothered by a telemarketer or have had a poor experience as an agent/advisor, even though I don't represent the company as a whole, I offer my apology and extend an invite to contact me with any questions about my own experience as a client and/or agent/advisor or to be pointed in the right direction to get any issues resolved. We want to do the right thing, all the time and strive to do so.

on commented

I've been with the company before it was agent owned and since, and I've enjoyed the entire journey along the way. Almost every review I've read online is about a new hire that is frustrated with a home office recruiter, or a call center that has a "dialer" issue. Both are extremely valid concerns, annoyances, and problems.
For the new hire, if you have some in depth questions, try and see if you can talk to one of the reps that have been using the Afortus system for more than 6-12 months. There are pros and cons of every system. Usually a rep that's been running the program within their practice for a period of time could give you a clear picture of how it would or wouldn't work for you. For the individual that's being called by one of the Afortus' call centers, and the dialer system keeps dialing your number, that is definitely NOT supposed to happen. I know for a fact the company is extremely sorry and bothered that you have had an experience like that. They appreciate your feedback, and will continue to fix their internal tech problems when they do happen. Out of the tens of thousands of calls their call centers make, you should see less than 1% will have this type of a technical problem.

on commented

Annoying call from someone who somehow knew my name. She started talking quickly and there was a tremendous amount of noise in the background so I could no hear anything other than my name and "are you working full time or jus part time?" I asked her to please repeat who she was and who she was calling from and told her that since there was a lot of background noise in the area from which she was calling. I politely asked her to repeat what she just said. Her response was silence and then she rudely hung up on me. I only know who called by checking the call name on the phone. If that company has a useful business, they have blown their opportunity with me a client. The employer for the cold call people should know that first impressions can kill any potential for future business.

on commented

I have been involved successfully with various companies over the years and in most instances the complaints you see are not accurate. There have been many name changes and company transitions in the past decade. This company is no different. They are not a scam or fraud if you do a complete review besides relying on disgruntled people online. For those of you who think you know the financial services Lead business well, go out and create your own company and see how you do. Afortus is not perfect just like any other biz. The people behind the company are great people with strong work ethic. Take the time to dig further than online comments.

on commented

They called my place of work asking for a manager. When I told them that I was the manager, the lady spoke so fast I couldn't understand her. When I asked her what the call was for, she repeated everything from the words "hello". I hung up because we do not allow those calls at my job. An hour or so later the same lady calls & I answer again. Her accent was so strong I didn't know what she was saying so I hung up AGAIN. Telemarketers should not be allowed to call franchise businesses! So annoying!!!

on commented

Called me on the phone and was very rude.
They called up and asked for the manager, when I told them he was out, the lady on the phone goes "oh ok, well maybe you can help me," and explains her reason for calling, then preceeds to explain that it's a survey.
I'm currently working by myself and told her this, also that I have a line- A LINE! Of people
"Oh it be very quick, are you full time or part time?"
I told her once more that she could call back in an hour when my manager was back, I wasn't interested in doing a survey.
"This isn't about him! It's for you, do you work part time or full?"
"Mama I'm not interested in answering that."
She then goes on saying it has mothing to do with the business it's personal.
"Once more I'm not interested in-"
Really? You got rude to me, pushing me when I said no, then your going to hang up on me!
Do you realize how bad I wanted to hang up on her and was trying to be professional? So I didn't
Very rude people, rude!

on commented

It's connected to Federal Financial Group

on commented

I have worked for this company as an agent for over 5 years. You will not find one complaint out there about its products, not one from the companies it represents nor from the clients that they have worked with but only those that have failed. And when we fail, HUMAN NATURE, the first thing we look around to see is there someone else we can blame. 1) Does the company have turnover? - yes, but it less than the national average. 2) Is it easy? - no, but with the program they offer it is easier than what other companies offer. 3) Does ever appointment set by the company buy? - heck no! but where else can you get set appointments with NO out of pocket expense? 4) Any company that works with humans and that is run by humans is not going to be perfect BUT this is the closest thing to family in a company that you will find.

on commented

Just a slick salesman making extra revenue for this company. Sign up with $297 as 'skin in the game' to show Afortus I was serious in the huge 'investment' they would commit to me in training and leads.
I had a change of heart within 4 business days and Randy, the man who brought me on e mailed me that the background check cost $297 so there could be no refund.
It's a high price to pay for me not doing my due diligence.
Just a con from a slick con man.

on commented

I paid the $297 fee and feel that I was mislead. When you contact them, and even when signing the contracting paperwork, they DO NOT tell you specifically that you need to work your own warm leads BEFORE they give you the supposed pre-set appointments. On top of that, they also don't disclose that you will have to have a video approved, showing that you have memorized a ridiculously long script, before they give you those leads. The thing that got me, was the 3 different company names. I signed up under Afortus, my cc said it went to Ancora, and Ancora used to be Federal Financial! I only wish I had read some of the reviews online before signing up with them. I am working with my cc company to get my money back.

on commented

Not happy Leave this company alone. It's all about the 297.00 .. I signed up and not much happening .. as soon as I signed Ithe manager called. And tried to sell me a policy instead of trying to help me make money selling policies. Plus they want you to contact and Harass your friend and family before they ever decide to help you.

on commented

i paid 297.00 in Las Vegas which was their fee for processing and training. I was informed that the manager Matt will call me to set up training and get going. I emailed Matt, he was CC on emails about my contract . Its been 2 weeks and I have never received any call, training, nor contact. This company is a scam and this is the 3rd time there has been a companjy change this year. It was called FFG, then Ancora, and now Afortus. All in less than a year, tells you a lot about the company

on commented

Great Company; very happy

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