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I have to warn everyone to better stay away from ADVCASH. My account has been hacked, stolen, and I feel the customer service mocked at me.
I opened an small account just to try, before getting more involved, about 26 USD. On 25 march, I saw that 25 USD have been moved from my credit card to my wallet again, without my consent of course.
Because of my ignorance about these things, I did the logical, ask.
"Excuse me, I have just seen this morning in my transaction search that 25 USD have been "unload from card" to my USD wallet.
What does it mean...?"
The answer was: "Hello,
Thank you for contacting Advanced Cash support center.
Transaction is in process due to system maintenance, it will be completed in few hours."
I just thought, well, maybe they are doing something in the system, everything ok. The money will back to the card later.
I was just trying the service first, so it is true for that small money I didn´t put too many secure settings, but one of them was the option to wait 3 days for withdrawals. After the 3 days, the money was transfered in bitcoins to a mysterious account.
I asked again if that was something normal, or I just have been stolen.
Answer: "Probably your account has been hacked and stolen, You did not tell us at the beginning that you did not do funds withdrawal transaction from card to account, you just asked what does "unload from card" to USD wallet mean. Also, as we can see 3 days have passed between unload transaction and withdrawal transaction to Bitcoin."
Well, if some client is reporting an abnormal move in her account, odds are that you are being stolen, right?. I was not expecting a dictionary telling me what "unload from card" was. Maybe should you ask " Someone called A.M.F. has hacked my account, whose password was ****, because the air temperature was 26 C, and the visibility conditions are good".
Everything my fault, she said, because I didnt protect my account enough. After I warned about some unusual moves in it 3 days before.
She told me to protect better my account, use the other options and change the PIN of my debit card, that should be done in an ATM.
Too few money, so I better change it and give another chance.
I put 5 USD to try, and went to the ATM. In several ATM, I didnt have the option to change the PIN. I only checked in about 10 ATM, because I was charged 0,5 USD each time I tried, so the 5 dollars flied.
Again: "this is what mastercard charges, not our fault".
So not only I have been stolen. It is my fault and also I am charged for trying to protect. I feel like a whore who also have to provide the bed for the customer.
I don´t want the money back, I only expect the one who got it need soon to spend it in medecines!.
I only want to warn everyone against this service.
For me they are dead.

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