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This man is a scam artist and thief. He has ripped off so many people and hopefully he will be facing jail time for what he did with his Dust Old Car business. He has no scruples, will lie to your face and is a coward. The people working for him also knew what was going on and should be held accountable. Why the AG didn't shut him down sooner is a crime in itself when they were first notified by so many people that they were not paid money he owed them for the sale of their consigned car. The list of people who consigned cars with him is way over 100 now. His bankruptcy filing was a fraud and he thought it was his ticket of getting away with everything. Sadly it probably is as far as his victims ever seeing their money but here is hoping that karma will keep a careful eye on this creep. He lives a lavish lifestyle on other people's money. "A pox on his family" as they used to say for evil people like Condodemetaky.

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I had a listing on Craigslist for selling a 1961 Ford F100 mint condition, in the fall of 2015 a sales person contacted me from Dusty Old Cars, I thought it was a great idea , the vehicle sold in August of 2016 , the only reason I knew because it wasn't listed anymore on there web site. When I contacted them (at least 5 times) I couldn't talk to Stephan Condodemetrasky all I got was his answering machine (typical coward not facing issues) they kept passing me on to Brad Conner ( I thought he was is buffer or is puppet) who kept assuring me I would get paid. here it March of 2017 DOC has filed chapter 11 with over 200 creditors there is no way I will see my money but losers like this will start something somewhere else and find puppets like Brad to rip off more innocent people so if this losers name comes up in a transaction stay away. He is no good

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There is a new website exposing his antics -

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They stole my car. This is Grand Theft Auto, only it's not a video game, it's real, and it has an address - Dusty Old Cars in Nashua.

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He has done it again
Why the state of Hampshire continue to let this man stay in business
He is a complete scam
I took my car to Him on dec of 2016 he sold it in Jan 11 2017. For over 13000 without. My title which he told me he will call me to get my title to complete the sale but never contacted me now he refuses to give me any money at all The whole place is a Fraud
Including everyone that works there knows what is being done
I believe they all should all be prosecuted Criminally

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Dusty Old Cars is basically an automobile theft by deception company run by professional con men and scam artists that want to steal your car and your money. They contacted us with an offer to sell the car for a agreed to $12,000 we would receive when the car was sold. They advertised the car on EBay for 17,000 and sold it. The then made up a phoney invoice loaded with fraudulent repairs that we knew nothing about amounting to over $6,000 repairs that they never did because all of the items listed we in perfect working order.

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There are currently 42 individual complaints / suits with the NH Attorney General's office regarding Dusty Old Cars and it's parent company Aftokinito Rally Inc.

Better Business Bureau rating is "F"

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