Rob Posner CEO NewDay USA Stands Exposed

The Story Rob Posner is trying his best to hide

This needs to go to the board of directors of NewDay USA and every other person associated with Newday USA. This ugly truth, deep dark secret of Rob Posner needs to be come to light. Rob Posner needs to be exposed and expelled from Newday USA. The board needs to acknowledge, respond and take action based on the horror tale i am about to narrate. I have come to find out that your chairman and CEO Robert Posner is an adulterer and a fraud. Robert met Zina Roberts who was married during a trip to Chicago. He asked her to come and style his wardrobe for him for over a weekend. Zina accepted. She went on Robert’s private plane, where he told her that there was no styling assignment and he simply wanted to get to know her better. Robert Posner took her to his vacation home in Turks and Caicos. Zina was married and living with her husband and 2 daughters in Chicago.

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Zina who is a gold digger, then proceeded to sleep with Robert Posner over the entire weekend. She then came back to Chicago, and then pretended to her husband that she was simply on an assignment. Their secret affair continued for months. Robert continued to woo Zina, with gifts and lovey dovey calls and messages, knowing she was married and he was breaking up and tearing apart a family. Finally, Zina accidently sent a text message to her husband with a photo of herself in lingerie and open legs. Lenny (Zina’s husband) found out the truth and was devastated. He tried to pursue Zina to go for marriage counselling , leave Robert and not break up and ruin their family. Their 2 daughters were in elementary and high school. Zina refused. Rob Posner then rented a $10k per month home in Illinios for Zina to live in. He then told Zina, “Dont worry, just buy Ralph Lauren frames and put your daughters photos in them and they will feel right at home”. Zina did exactly that, she even moved out and left her husband. Her daughters split their time between their father and Zina.

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Zina then spoke to me about how to negotiate a monthly salary from Rob Posner. She wanted to quit her job at a retail store. I told her she needed to negotiate $30k a month. Robert offered her $10k but she said that was too low. Since then, i have worked closely with Zina to help her “close” Robert on marriage. I wanted Zina to have the lifestyle of a billionaire’s wife. Zina wanted that also. Prior to this, Zina also had an affair with a coworker and never told her husband about it. She almost got caught by her husband but somehow managed to escape that situation. Zina also had another man she was seeing (although she was not having sleeping with him) simply because her gave her Chanel purses. So, my point is this.. you have a CEO who is a home wrecker. Rob Posner wrecked a family’s home and stole a gold-digging wife from her husband. He thinks he can buy anyone, even people. It works for those who are hungry for his money. I will amplify this as much as i can in my capacity and ensure every one revolving around NewDay USA , Rob Posner / Robert Posner is aware of the same. Robert Posner needs to pay for his sins and needs to be corrected for once and for good. What he did was horrible , unethical and immoral. He should either step down himself if he has some shame or should be fired by the board for being such a filthy and terrible person.

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How can Newday USA let such a filthy person be their CEO ?

If you happen to dig deep about the company you will come across a lot of negative press, negative reviews and revealing information that has been suppressed intentionally. The people need to be made aware of it all. I am attaching a few screenshots for your reference.

A company headed by such a man like Rob Posner is bound to be hated by consumers and is expected to not run professionally or with any sense of morality.

NewDay Financial had been banned from all lending in NY

CFPB Takes Action Against NewDay Financial for Deceptive Mortgage Advertising and Kickbacks

Warnings on

Innumerous Complaints on

How does he get away with not just ruining lives of his own wife and family, but other women around him and of hundreds and thousands of innocent consumers?


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