River Cohen – Criminal DataInsure CEO Scamming Clients

Datainsure, a prominent payment processing company based in Scottsdale, Arizona has a ton of complaints and negative reviews online. However, you wouldn’t find many of them because River Cohen, its founder, doesn’t want you to.

The following article is on the shady activities of River Cohen and how he tries to manipulate people with his wealth.

You’ll find out how he has tried to bury other people’s complaints about his deceptive company and how he lies about running a charity.

Who is River Cohen?

River Cohen is the CEO of Datainsure, a data processing company infamous for its non-refundable fees and bad customer service.

He was born in Mendocino, a small town in California. He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. River Cohen enrolled at the Arizona State University in 1991 and graduated in 1995 with a BSc in Business Administration and Management.

He claims he launched River Cohen Giving in 1995, right after he completed college. He is also the founder of Datainsure, a boutique merchant service company.

If you’d look up River Cohen on Google, you’ll probably find a ton of interviews he has given to various publications. He also claims to be the founder of River Cohen Giving, a foundation that works for every humanitarian cause imaginable and that probably doesn’t even exist. I have explained if his charity exists or not in the next section of my River Cohen review.

What River Cohen Wants You To See

When someone has done a lot of bad stuff, people talk about it and share their experiences. River Cohen faced this issue too. People started talking about how Datainsure scammed them and how they lost money. River didn’t want others to find out about these instances.

So, he did what every online scammer does these days: investing in PR.

He started giving interviews on various blogs and platforms. What did these interviews do? These interviews helped his brand in multiple ways. First, they try to show him as a philanthropist, someone who spends a lot of money on humanitarian causes. Second, they fill the internet with his praises so no one would find the numerous complaints on Datainsure and River Cohen available online.

Interviews To Distract Clients From His Dirty Laundry

The image I shared above is from his interview with Inspirery. The interview is solely about his philanthropic works and how he has helped others through River Cohen Giving.

However, I noticed that River doesn’t give any details about his philanthropic endeavors during the interview. He only says that it “plants seeds of loving-kindness”, whatever that is.

When the interviewer asks him if there any specific causes he believes are in need of greater support, River lists out all the causes one can think of including civil rights, economic empowerment, environment, arts and culture, animal welfare, and a whole lot more.

The image above is from River’s interview with MGerGov. This interview also focuses on River Cohen Giving along with his career.

Just like the previous interview, this one is also about singing praises of River.

The interviewer asks about his day, his past, where he comes from, and how solves the various societal issues through River Cohen Giving.

The primary aim of all these interviews is to bury the various complaints available on the internet. When companies post such PR content on the internet, it hides other content available on the internet.

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A Non-existent Charity


You must have noticed a common theme in all of River Cohen’s interviews. The guy doesn’t pose as the founder of Datainsure. No, he poses as the founder of a foundation called River Cohen Giving.

The foundation’s name really piqued my interest. Furthermore, I noticed that River Cohen doesn’t specify what his foundation actually does. It bugged me constantly.

So I decided to check if this foundation even exists. When I googled the name “River Cohen Giving”, I found this:

Search results for looking up “River Cohen Giving”

There is no information about the actual foundation. In fact, you would only see the interviews River Cohen has given on different platforms. You wouldn’t find any data on the foundation itself.

This compelled me to dig further and verify if this foundation even exists. Hence I looked them up on a charity directory. And this is what I found:

No results for River Cohen Giving

It means there isn’t any foundation with the name of River Cohen Giving. River Cohen is posing as the founder of a probably fictional charity that doesn’t work anywhere.

He wants people to believe he is a philanthropist through lies and deception.

On the internet, when you search for something, where a link appears on the results page matters a lot. The first result on Google gets an average of 31% clicks while only 0.78% of people click on something from the second page of the results page.

Do you see what he’s doing here now?

He is using his wealth to pull wool over your eyes. River has spent a lot of money on his promotion as a philanthropist so people wouldn’t find the various complaints posted on him.

This was a big reason why I wrote this Datainsure review. I want people to find the truth about River Cohen and his company. The following sections of my Datainsure review will help you understand why I wrote all of this:

Perverted Colleagues Taking Advantage Of Young Women

While I was conducting my research on the mischiefs of Datainsure, I found a review on one of their Chief Operating Officer, Marc Newman.

This review is from a woman named Anna. According to her, Marc is a creepy and dirty person who took advantage of her when she was drunk.

The article is filled with insults, suggesting Anna was highly disgruntled with Marc.

What’s surprising is there isn’t much data on Marc apart from this review. Moreover, Marc thought it would be better if someone else came to defend him as there’s a response to the review that claims it’s a lie.

These are some big allegations. It means Marc Newman might have committed something serious and went away scot-free because of his wealth.

Posting Fake Reviews To Defraud Customers & Clients

River’s Datainsure has a stellar 5 out of 5-star rating on Glassdoor. Glassdoor is a reviewing platform where people leave reviews on their employers.

People use Glassdoor ratings to determine if a particular organization is a good employer or not. However, shady companies employ various tactics to rig their rating.

Datainsure, River Cohen’s brainchild, forces their employees to post fake 5-star ratings on them.

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According to the reviewer, Datainsure forces its staff to write 5-star reviews to boost their ratings on Glassdoor and you can distinguish them easily by comparing them because they use a copy-pasted script.

The reviewer also says that if you only consider the honest reviews, you’d notice that Datainsure only would have a 1-star rating.

They further state that Datainsure offers extremely low pay while forcing the employees to work for long hours by masking themselves as a startup. The reviewer has also pointed out that Datainsure is an excellent place for practising politics due to the toxicity there.

In the Cons section of their review, they say that the company believes it doesn’t need to improve anywhere. The company tricks people into joining them by posting fake reviews and waste their time.

In the Advice to Management section, the reviewer has suggested Datainsure to be honest, ethical, and transparent. Clearly, posting fake 5-star reviews on their Glassdoor page isn’t an honest practice. Those who join their company would find out the truth automatically.

You wouldn’t find this review on their Glassdoor anymore. They have removed it since. I suspected they would do something like this which is why I have posted a screenshot here.

Datainsure Reviews 2023: It Is A Fraud!

If you’d google the name of Datainsure, you wouldn’t find any complaints, not even a negative review. Why? Because River Cohen has spent a lot of money on positive PR to make sure people don’t find anything of that sort.

When I noticed this pattern, I was shocked. It means the people who work with River’s companies have no idea what kind of organisation they really work with.

People who try to hide the truth are criminals and River is one of them. To expose him and his shady ventures, I have created the following list of DataInsure reviews:

“Horrible Customer Service” – Ex-DataInsure Customer

The reviewer had bought their protection plan after getting constant calls from their sales team. They chose to get the Quickbooks solution from Datainsure Merchant Solutions and believed it would be worth the investment.

River Cohen’s company has highly competitive pricing so they assumed it would be beneficial to opt for their services. However, they turned out to be wrong because Datainsure started charging their account wrongfully without any prior notice.

When this person discovered this issue, they tried to contact the customer support of Datainsure, but unlike the sales team, the support staff of this firm doesn’t respond quickly. In fact, they take too long to respond. The reviewer says, “I was getting unexplained deductions on my card,” and complain further, “It wasn’t just once or twice, for the entire 6 months, I had called them for over 10 times for the unexplained deductions.”

When a company’ s support staff doesn’t respond for 6 months, you can understand how crooked it must be.

Due to such poor customer treatment, the person decided to cancel their Datainsure subscription. However, Datainsure hadn’t informed them about the cancellation fee.

They complained about this issue with the company and requested a refund. Can you guess what Datainsure did? They denied the request.

The review ends with the person saying they will talk to their legal counsellor about this issue and might even take the issue further.

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Usually, it’s futile to pursue such cases. People like River Cohen have a lot of resources that they can use to handle such matters. Such people usually maintain an army of lawyers who would go after someone like rabid dogs if the need arises.

Extremely Irresponsible Business

According to this review, they had an account with DataInsure for months and they received a ton of calls everyday for getting a protection plan.

While they bought that plan, they started facing some issues with Quickbook integration so they contacted the customer support of DataInsure.

The complain about the lethargic response of DataInsure’s customer support staff. According to the reviewer, they didn’t get any timely responses from them and DataInsure kept deducting unknown charges from their account.

The reviewer is a small business owner and complained that the slow response of DataInsure customer support made it very difficult for them to function. Moreover, the company kept charging their account without any prior notice.

DataInsure hadn’t informed them about any cancellation fee before they bought the services. They end the complaint by saying DataInsure is a completely irresponsible business with terrible customer service.

Below this review, two people had posted their experiences with River Cohen’s DataInsure. One of them pointed out that DataInsure charges them a $700 cancellation fee and they weren’t able to connect to a single customer service rep.

The reviewer said whenever they tried to contact the customer support of DataInsure Merchant Solutions, they went straight to voicemail and had to wait for a long time to get a call with someone. Datainsure Merchant Solutions doesn’t respond to emails either, the complainer alleged.

The second complaint was about the compatibility of Datainsure with Quickbooks. According to this complaint, all of their files got mixed up when they upgraded to the latest version of Datainsure. Like the rest of the above reviews, this one also complained the poor customer support of this company.

Do not use these guys!!

This is a DataInsure complaint on Trustpilot. According to the reviewer, you shouldn’t trust DataInsure. They had rented terminals from them and when they sent them back with a signature, someone from the company told them that they couldn’t find it. DataInsure deducting the money from this person’s account for the terminal and refused to issue any refunds.

I can understand the frustration of these people. When I tried to find information about Datainsure’s refunds, I couldn’t find anything. They have kept a small clause in their Terms and Conditions where they mention that fees are refundable.

Unless they inform about this, you wouldn’t find out that you can’t get a refund. I believe it’s very suspicious that they have buried such an important detail in the fine print of T&Cs.

What do these complaints mean for you?

After reviewing all of these complaints, you can understand why I wrote this article on River Cohen.

That man spends thousands of dollars on promotion and digital marketing to ensure you and others couldn’t find these Datainsure complaints.

River’s companies offer terrible customer support and hide crucial terms of service for them so they can charge them more.

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Keep in mind that not every victim shares his or her story with others. Many people choose to stay silent and avoid posting anything about it online.

So, you can never know how many people have actually lost money because of River Cohen and Datainsure.

BBB Accreditation: Go-To Badge For Scammers & Con-Artists


For a company with so many complaints and problems, Datainsure has a stellar A+ rating on Better Business Bureau, aka BBB.

This spectacular rating can fool anyone into thinking Datainsure is a trustworthy company and River Cohen is a reliable professional. Many people view BBB as a trusted source to determine if a company is worth their business or not.

But they don’t realise that BBB is not what it used to be. In fact a 2015 investigation from CNN found that most of the companies with an A rating on BBB didn’t meet the required standards.

HCR Manorcare, a BBB member with an A+ rating faced a lawsuit when federal prosecutors claimed the company billed medicare out of millions of dollars by providing unnecessary therapies to customers.

Why did they have an A+ rating? Because they had a BBB accreditation.

According to BBB, you get accredited with them if you meet their standard. But that accreditation comes with a price. A hefty price, in fact. It costs a business around $10,000 a year to have BBB accreditation.

Datainsure is BBB accredited as you can see on their BBB profile page.

They have had this accreditation since 2016. So, can you trust their BBB rating? No, you can’t.

It would be better to ignore their BBB rating altogether and focus on other reviews.

I wanted to point this out because many people think if a business is BBB accreditated it means it’s trustworthy. But BBB accreditation only means that the business pays BBB handsomely for the control of their review page. It doesn’t mean anything else.

River Cohen isn’t the only person who uses this tactic. Many online scammers buy such memberships that allow them to keep a stellar positive rating online. For example, Sophie Howard, the owner of Blue Sky Amazon, uses the same exact tactic to fool others.

She has also become notorious recently because of her shady endeavours.

River Cohen Is A Con-Artist

River Cohen is a scammer in its purest sense. The man runs a company that lies to its clients, charges them wrongfully, and pays others to market itself as something else.

You shouldn’t trust River Cohen and his company, Datainsure. It would be best to be wary of them.

Whether you were interested in the services of Datainsure or whether you wanted to learn more about River Cohen, I hope this article helped.

If you want others to be aware of this scam, please share this review with more people. The more people know the truth about River Cohen, the better.

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River Cohen (Datainsure CEO) is an online scammer who uses deceptive marketing strategies to promote himself and his company. From paying people to stealing from clients, he has done everything you’d expect a scammer to do.

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